100K Blueprint 4.0 Review

100K Blueprint 4.0 Overview

What’s 100K Blueprint 4.0 ?

The 100K Blueprint was created as a 12 week drip fed comprehensive e-commerce strategy. However we’re taking the current e-commerce model and also RE-DESIGNING it. This model has been responsible for millions of dollars generated for us just in 2019 alone and also we have been able to take a brand-new store from 0 to over $100k in a single month.

As a matter of fact, let me just state this – taking a new asset from 0 to a few thousand each month is EXCEPTIONALLY simple with this new commerce business model.

What makes this so much different is that there is no Amazon, Wholesale, No inventory, no branding, the store that’s created only has 1 single product on it!

YES, that’s the magic right there but of course the devil is in the details!

This model was made by a few individuals who realized having a single product in a store increased the credibility and also the earning potential by almost 300%. With rising ad costs that means you can make money FASTER & without all the hassle of dealing with hundreds or even thousands of SKUs.

This method has allowed many small start-up stores to go multinational and some of these even getting MASSIVE orders from stores such as Macy’s for thousands of units (again, this is still drop shipping which is crazy)!

I bet you have never heard of a drop-shipping store selling their products to Macy’s. We have figured it out and also cracked the code (let me make it clear this is not what the product is about – it’s just a benefit – retail & big box stores will seek out your customers and ask them to drop ship for them)!

I have been following this model for over 24 months now ensuring that it stands the test of time and with the new coronavirus and the way ads have become even cheaper this means this is a PERFECT chance once again for everybody to start earning.

This is just ONE single store we ran and we were able to scale to $15k in a day by day 10.