7 Figure Cycle Review, DEMO & Bonus

7 Figure Cycle Review – In January 2018, Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth, two successful online entrepreneurs who already had a lot of experience in building out their businesses, are releasing a brand new online course.

Luckily, if you want to know more about it, this review about 7 Figure Cycle can be able to tell you more information.

To start with, the way this seven figure cycle system works is through leveraging a certain profit cycle that is more than 50 percent profit every two weeks as well as replicate that up to twenty-six times a year.

The good thing about this particular strategy is that there’s no need for a:

  • Website
  • Ad spends
  • No stock or product development
  • No branding

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While the specific strategy behind this system is still not available publicly, it will probably a certain combination of what the big people behind this system have learned throughout the years.

Top 4 Most Important Strategies to Build a 7 Figure Cycle

Here’s what Steve and Aidan, the founders of 7 Figure Cycle have expertise and knowledge in:

  1. Amazon FBA

As a matter of fact, they have both sold around multiple millions of products with the use of Amazon FBA or fulfillment by Amazon. In addition to that, they also both private label certain generic daily products as well as sell them on Amazon. Actually, the trick to this is that you should market as well as optimize your own Amazon listings for having organic traffic on their platform. Just like Google, they also have a reliable search engine that runs on an algorithm, which can also be manipulated. The moment you rank your product for specific money keywords, chances are your income will be less or more passive. All that’s left is to ensure that you’re in stock.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Aside from Amazon FBA, another part of their business is also based on referral or affiliate marketing. This is where commissions are being paid out, whenever someone will purchase a product that is coming from your own affiliate link. Furthermore, everything will be tracked with cookies and because of that, you will only get paid the moment a sale occurs. As a matter of fact, this is a very ideal method to generate more passive income through running ads and writing occasional emails. The downside of this is that you do not get the information of your clients like their email, however, on the contrary, you are able to minimize your general responsibility such as keeping stock, delivering the products, customer support, etc.

  1. Drop Shipping

The very last informative product that they have put out was their 100k factory course. The way this course was based was merely on drop shipping model, wherein you do not keep any stock as well sell products through eCommerce store, often running on Shopify. In order to put it simply, a client purchases an item from your site and after you get paid for the product, you go out as well as order that item for a much lower cost at your supplier as well as let them ship the item to your customer. In fact, this is a really great business course that is not hard to learn as well as extremely lucrative.

  1. Information Products or Digital Courses

This is a method that they were doing lately. As a matter of fact, there drop shipping course, which as the 100k factor, was really a big success since a lot of students have been reaching their desired income levels as well as quitting their 9 to 5 jobs. In addition to that, the way this course works is very great since it teaches you as well as help you achieve your success even through a simple online course. And, due to the fact that Steve and Aidan are already experts in the field of drop shipping, they have already decided to put their knowledge and expertise in a reliable online course as well as help more people, especially entrepreneurs and marketers, achieve the same success. Furthermore, these online courses are often delivered via membership sites.

Here is what makes this system groundbreaking:

The strategies outlined in the training already have $52,000,000 in revenue PROOF! Aidan, Todd, Steve & Chris collectively made over $20,000,000 & their “beta testing” group of students made over $32,000,000 in revenue. Talk about PROOF!

Brand New e-Com Business Model – Unlike most of the available training, teaching you how to private label or dropship your products, this is something we have not seen anybody else doing, probably due to the fact that NOBODY is able to analyze that much data.

The PROFIT BLAZE software – the private tool they have been using to analyze millions of products is the bread & butter of the system. The size of product catalogs that wholesalers have is outstanding & picking out profitable products without the software would be IMPOSSIBLE. You can also add in your own data-feeds & find a profit making product in a matter of seconds!

Business In a Box For EVERY Customer – once you become a member of the training course, you’ll also get a product which will be 200% GUARANTEED to make you cash. If it does not you’ll get the cash equivalent – that is how confident they are in their system!

Wholesalers Contracts – you get access to the private network of suppliers & more importantly, already have contracts in place for you to leverage & get access to MILLIONS of products at will!

Access To Private “Preparation Centers” – a done for you logistic service that you can use both internationally & in the USA. These prep-centers are a result of years being in the business & connections built with business owners all aver the world.

Honest Review About the 7 Figure Cycle of Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth

Like what we have said before, we’re still not very sure regarding with what specifically they’ll be teaching people in this online course, yet be sure to check back our page once were able to get the preview of its members area as well as read more of reliable reviews about Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth’s 7 Figure Cycle online course. Certainly, this is one of the most ideal opportunities, especially if you need to learn more regarding with how to effectively and efficiently build a good business online.

With 7 Figure Cycle, you can definitely be able to make sure that your online store will have the best opportunity to succeed and it will also be a good source in order to achieve all your ambitions through simply following several points, such as filtering products for visitors to exactly know the trends, as well as send offers through direct e-mail to your customers, with the use of Twitter ads or Instagram ads in order to earn the most traffic.

Furthermore, in your own field, you can be able to use the power of Google AdWords to search more words in order to capture the readers who want to know more about the keyword that you use. The moment you choose to follow the 7 Figure Cycle, you should not also lose sight of the points that we have mentioned in this review as it can really play a big role to make your online business more successful. In addition to that, while 7 Figure Cycle is only an online course that can be able to guide you and help you build a successful eCommerce store, it’s also important that you bear in mind that your success also depends on your commitment, courage and determination on how things should really work out. Without your effort, time, and commitment, all the courses you read will definitely be a waste.