Making money by reselling software business like you own it and get 100% profit.

Using Agency Bud, you will have immediate access to Software as a Service (SaaS).

No more downloading of software on your PC.

Just access the app directly through your browser.

Quick Facts about Agency Bud

Agency Bud is a well-known digital product where you can get access to the top four SaaS programs or platforms. You can sell them like you own them and keep 100% of the sales as your profit. So, business owners, rather than paying for services like SEO, Google, and YouTube Ads, or Facebook Ads, this software is a twist. You are giving them an offer through this software; they can conduct research instead of paying $1000 per month fee for the services. Agency Bud makes a great and more convenient product sell. Without hesitation, Agency Bud provides an opportunity to earn – earning billions like how Walt Bayliss, its founder, had built. You can start to make your own agency now without spending a ridiculously high cost to create it.

Four Software You Can Access

Agency Bud consists of four software. All there are built for business, and every platform has its recurring billing. You’ll have a Software Agency to run and grow. You will get access to the platforms which you can sell while keeping all its sales as your profit.  These four subscription platforms are developed; it grew, tested, and now ready for you to use.


RepWarn is software for reputation management and a media marketing tool that upkeeps the business’ reputation 24/7. It is vital to a business because once the business name, product brand, even the employee’s name, has been mentioned online, you will receive a notification. So, supposing there’s a bad review, you can quickly handle the situation and turn this negative to a positive one by answering to it adequately and rapidly. Then, the Review Generator Tool helps businesses get good reviews. Moreover, you can use the Lead Management Area, which was newly developed, if you are looking for what potential clients are asking or searching. Simply enter the terms.

RepWarn has a price of $97 for a monthly subscription and $997 annually.


The ColdReach focuses on lead generation, which helps business owners get leads for their B2B business targets. Having this tool keeps you ahead of your competitors because you will have access to find the same businesses in a specific geographic location. Thus, you will know your competitors and figure out how to better rank than them. You will get more leads; you’ll have the email addresses of the target market; thus, business owners can easily reach out to their prospective clients to offer products and services. ColdReach does not run out of leads.

ColdReach has a current price of $39.95 for a monthly subscription and $297 annually.


DataJEO has a selling price of $37 for a monthly subscription and $397 annually.


Engage has a price of $39.95 in a monthly subscription and $297 if annual.

My Final Thoughts

Agency Bud is an excellent choice if you are running a digital marketing agency, and you are struggling to get new customers to pay monthly. Rather than scaring the businesspeople of the expensive monthly fees for marketing strategies such as SEO and Ads, offer them this software and let them get free training.