Connect Explore Review

Connect Explore Review – Are you ‘Interested’ in more eCom sales?

If you have been advertising on FB for your ecom business, you have probably seen your ad prices rising… fast. It seems that the competition is getting fiercer every day, right?

Seems everybody and their dog have jumped into the ecom ring.

So what’s the answer?

What can you do to keep costs in line while outmaneuvering your competition?

Well, one answer is to find interests to target that other people have not caught on to yet.

Here is your secret weapon to discover highly profitable untapped interests:

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Wilco de Kreij &  the Connectio Team have come out with an amazing new interest targeting tool called Connect Explore. It’s much different than any other targeting tool you have seen before.

Because it runs off of the Facebook Ads API, the results it returns are pre-verified by FB.

It eliminates ANY guesswork about which interests can be targeted profitably. And uncovers hidden interests other tools can not access.

Even more importantly, you can skip split testing interests entirely.

Until now, you’d have to setup individual interests in separate ad sets to see which ones were performing. But not any more.

ConnectExplore shows you exactly which interests in your ad sets are performing best.

No more guesswork.

And it also removes any underperforming interests with a single click. Optimizes your campaigns for better performance . . .

Lets you laser target eager prospects so you spend less cash in the process.

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As an eCom seller, you already have a ton of product ads out there. So why not make your life a little easier . . . and much more profitable?

Exactly What is Connect Explore?

ConnectExplore puts interest-based targeting at FB… on steroids.

Just to name a few things…

Find Hidden Interests
ConnectExplore finds more hidden interests to target than any other tool could. Includes easy filtering, works in any language & only shows usable results.

Easily add your interests to your FB Ads account with a single click, while being able to hyper-target your audience using automated layering. No more copy-pasting!

Interest Analytics
See which interests are working for you by breaking down your Facebook Ads statistics on an interest-per-interest basis. No more split-testing!ConnectExplore review

Connect Explore Info

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How Does It Work?

It works its magic in 4 simple steps:

1. Discovery
Find interests to target, many of which are simply unavailable to your competition

2. Filter
Find the best interests & most engaged audiences, keenly engaged in your offers

3. Target
Apply results to specific interests for the highest possible ROI

4. Analyze and Scale
Measure which interests are working best. Your ads perform at the highest level, putting money back into your pocket

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Troy Muir
WOW, Connect Retarget is killer! With a couple clicks, I can create custom audiences that would normally have taken me months and an engineering degree to figure out.

Ronnie Nijmeh

Who Can Benefit From Connect Explore?

CPA Marketers
get more targeted traffic to your offers for less ad spend & bigger profits.

Affiliate Marketers
target buyers your competition is ignoring for an unfair advantage. Adding layering uncovers raging niche fans . . . scale up your offers fast.

List Builders
get more leads for less cash by optimizing your ad sets with Connect Explore.

Local marketing consultants
each local businesses owners like never before. Perfect for those wanting to enter lucrative foreign markets as well.

eCommerce Marketers
get more sales with less ad spend. Find interests you never knew your customers had . . . gives you tons of ideas for new hot selling products to stock in your stores

Social Media Marketers
your competition will never know how you’re getting so many leads & sales. They will wonder what the secret weapon in your marketing arsenal is!

Case Study #1: Turning a LOSING Campaign into a 214% ROI WINNER Using Connect Explore

Case Study #2: Turning a COLD audience into $4074 in PROFIT in a Highly Competitive Market

Case Study #3: Beta Tester Makes Jaw-Dropping $9633 Net Profit From One Campaign

Connect Explore – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Connect Explore (and the Connect Suite) compatible with my Mac?

All the products in the Connect Suite (including Connect Explore) are 100% cloud-based. There are no compatibility issues with any operating system, and nothing to down-load. Simply login, and get started right away.

I already have some ad sets setup. Will I be able to optimize them with Connect Explore?

Absolutely! You can optimize any of your ad sets with Connect Explore, even if you created them previously.

Which languages are supported by Connect Explore?

Currently, Connect Explore supports 43 languages. Just a few of the major languages supported are: English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese (China, Taiwan and Hong Kong dialects all supported), Portuguese & Japanese . . . along with many other Asian, European & African languages.

What makes Connect Explore different from other targeting tools on the market?

The biggest difference is that Connect Explore integrates fully with Facebook’s Ad API. Only a handful of companies are extended this privilege by FB after passing stringent requirements. This means we’re able to access data others can not. It allows us to perform deeper searches than our competitors – and access in-depth analytics. In addition, it means Connect Explore can connect directly with your ad manager. (You will be able to add your Connect Explore interests to your ad manager without any cutting & pasting – saving you tons of time and effort.)

I am skeptical about getting a free trial for Connect Suite. Will my credit card be automatically charged?

As long as you let us know you would like to cancel before the 30 day trial period has passed, you will not be charged a thing. There’s no contract – cancel at any time without penalty. If we do not hear from you, in 30 days you will be charged $97 each month. This is big savings over paying for the tools inside Connect Suite individually.

What if I decide I do not want the Suite? Will I lose access to Connect Explore?

You will keep lifetime access to Connect Explore, even if you cancel your Connect Suite trial. The only time you would lose access to both Connect Explore & the Connect Suite would be in the event you ask for a refund on Connect Explore.

If I decide I do not want Connect Explore, can I still keep my 30-day free access to the Connect Suite trial?

Sorry. The trial is only for purchasers of Connect Explore. If you refund your purchase, you’ll lose access to Connect Suite.

Is there any kind of guarantee?

Connect Explore has a risk-free, 30 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

I’m not very technical. Will I still be able to use Connect Explore and the tools in the Suite?

Even if you are brand-new to FB marketing, there’s a comprehensive video training library which will walk you through setting up each & every tool inside the Connect Suite. And if you get stuck at any point, our support desk will be happy to assist you at any time.

Get Connect Explore while you can still get in at low LIFETIME pricing!

P.S. You’ll also get a free 30-day trial to ALL of his advanced FB Ads tools. But hurry – it won’t be around for long!


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