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Covert Store Builder Review

Covert Store Builder Review

Covert Store Builder – Build Online Store in Few Minutes

Want to make some money? Of course you do. And the best way for that is to create affiliate site in WP.

Covert store builder theme is WP theme that can help you start earning money by referring your site visitors to various products in order to earn affiliate commission.

You’ll do that by creating your own affiliate stores.

Well, that’s at least what sales page says. But is it really that simple?

Covert Store Builder Review – Overview

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What Is Covert Store Builder?

Covert Store Builder can help you in developing an affiliate online store quickly. Since it is a WP theme, so all you need to do is to install a domain name along with hosting. You can design your affiliate store by using any WP theme, and create a store in a particular niche or different niches.

With the help of theme based affiliate stores, the products from Amazon, Commission Junction, & many others, can be marketed easily.

How Does Covert Store Builder Work?

What Are The Great Features of Covert Store Builder?

  • The user can quickly browse through your website & search the required products.
  • Visitors can be added to the autoresponder, in case they join your website as a member.
  • The products can be added to the wish list, by the visitors for later use or to share with their friends.
  • Covert Store Builder shows the most popular products in the beginning as it works as a self-optimizer & helps you increase your profits.
  • The theme also shows you clicks, click-through rates as well as the impression of your posts that makes you aware of the best products.
  • CSB theme also supports registration. Hence, users can be registered to your site.
  • The captcha field is also provided in the registration form under new version to prevent false registrations.
  • Create Affiliate Site With CSB In WP
  • The Covert Store Builder offers an excellent theme to create the affiliate web-site. Within minutes, your site can easily be populated with content.
  • However, you can not get far without replacing the description to provide value.
  • The website with the covert store looks great as well as professional. This theme of WP is simple to configure & use.
  • You can get Covert Store Content Plugin on the purchase of a CSB Pro Version, which helps to make the auto blogging possible for you. It implies that you can add your posts automatically by setting the keywords. You can rely on the automatic WP plugin to do all that work for you.
  • It’ll give you more exposure & hence, more traffic by adding new posts to your website & posting them on the social networking site. Looks like a nice add-on.
  • Cover Store Builder helps you create affiliate websites much faster than any manual process, which makes it an excellent and reliable product.
  • You also get unlimited licenses for WP theme, and you can use it to make affiliate sites more quickly for yourself as well as your clients.

Who Can All Do This?

Anyone, who’s interested in creating an affiliate store, Covert Store Builder can help them. Covert Store Builder is designed as an easy set up so that even an inexperienced person can start using it but the problem comes in the later stages, with the other programs. So, how can you get all the traffic you need?

The market is very competitive nowadays, and to earn money, you need massive traffic, and this is the case where most of the individuals fail.

Like many other WP themes, there is a Store Builder theme, which can be customized easily & quickly from the theme options page. CSB  is different from others as it enables adding the products quickly from the affiliate network. It’s so fast that a store can be created in just five minutes, making it up & running at an incredible speed.

You can then select the network, the products that you’re thinking of promoting along with the number of goods needed. CSB will provide you a list of products through the theme.

Choose the categories of the products you wish to add along with its products, which you can save as a draft to edit & post them later to make them live.

It’s a simple process to add products to your store. The owner of CSB says that the products can be added to the store, without writing even a single word of content, which is one of the biggest advantages of Covert Store Builder.

However, you’ll not get any traffic from the search results, if you’ve used automated content that has been imported with your products. You have to have unique content to rank well in organic search engines results. It takes a great deal of time to write the original content & hence, it’s difficult to achieve 5 minutes promise.

The method to acquire traffic, promoted by this theme is from the social networking sites & not any other place. It’s unimaginable to get such huge traffic unless you’vea huge number of followers on the social media that can lead to a sale, to make your store successful.

There was a problem when the theme was released, as the price updates were not getting imported into the warehouse from the Amazon. That means the store wasn’t showing similar rates as that of Amazon. However, that issue has been taken care of, with one of the updates.


“It’s A Great Deal. Should I Invest Today?”

Not only are you getting access to Covert Store Builder for the best price ever offered, but also You’re investing entirely without risk. Covert Store Builder include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose Covert Store Builder, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with it for any reason within the first 30 days, you’re entitled to a full refund – no question asked. You’ve got nothing to lose! What Are You Waiting for ? Try It today and get The Following Bonus Now !