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EverLesson Review – The World’s Greatest Membership Platform

What Is EverLesson?

EverLesson is a brand new web-based platform that allows user to create their membership sites easily within minutes. With full of powerful features, they can customize everything as they want without any prior experience.


EverLesson review and huge bonus

EverLesson Overview

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EverLesson – The Best Part

CREATE AS MANY MEMBERSHIP SITES AS YOU WANT! With the click of a button you can create as many membership websites as you want. Then you are able to add as many products as you want to each membership! BOOM!

CHOOSE FROM DOZENS OF DIFFERENT CUSTOM THEMES… CLICK OF A MOUSE Just like you change out your theme in WP, you can do the same exact thing inside of EverLesson. They have dozens of beautiful themes to select from!

CUSTOMIZATION ENABLES YOU TO CREATE YOUR MASTER TEMPLATES! Not only are you able to swap out your theme, but what if they told you, that you are then able to customize your new theme to your liking…. and it’s simple!

ADD AS MANY PRODUCTS AS YOU WANT TO YOUR MEMBERSHIP! Now that you’ve created your membership & your master templates, you’re able to add an unlimited amount of products to the membership and they’ve made it very simple to manage those products!

EVERYTHING IN EverLesson IS BASED OUT OF A LIBRARY STORAGE SYSTEM! One thing you’ll appreciate with this platform is the fact that, you can load your media, rewards, resources, etc. into libraries. You’re then able to retrieve those items from your libraries.

GAMIFICATION IN THIS PLATFORM WILL KEEP THE MEMBERS ENGAGED! This is perhaps the MOST AWESOME feature inside of EverLesson. You’re able to create goals, assign points, rewards, & so much more! Something that was a very complicated process they made Stupid Simple!

THE MOST ADVANCED MONETIZATION PLATFORM EVER SEEN IN A MEMBERSHIP! Inside of EverLesson you’ve a number of options for your monetization. They also have it set-up so that you can laser focus on your target pages.

EVERYTHING IN THIS MEMBERSHIP YOU’VE COMPLETE CONTROL OVER! This platform is extremely flexible. It’s the most advanced membership platform ever created. However, you are in control. If there is a feature you do not like you are able to control how that is being used.

THEIR GOAL IS TO HELP THE END USER GET SETUP AS FAST AS POSSIBLE! YES! They want the end user setup as fast as possible. You arre going to see exactly how they are able to do that. Once you’ve your base setup, then you can go further with your site options!

EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT CREATED WILL INSTANTLY CREATE A SALES PAGE! What good is a membership if you aren’t able to make cash from it! Well with EverLesson you’ll be making cash because the sales pages are generated instantly!

EVERY TYPE OF PAYMENT INTEGRATION HAS BEEN ADDED TO THIS PLATFORM! Getting paid is a very important part of the process. Today there are many payment processors so they decided to add them all! Including Infusionsoft!

EverLesson HAS IT’S OWN BUILT IN AFFILIATE PLATFORM! Once you get your membership & products setup, why not let your members sell it as an affiliate? Well with EverLesson you can do just that. It has it’s own affiliate program built into your site!

Global Monetization campaigns that ensure you get paid

A global monetization campaign lets you deploy multiple monetization campaigns at the same time. As you can easily see below we have 4 different monetization campaigns available. You’re also able to get very specific with your deployment & targeting of these campaigns

LightBox Call To Actions

This’s the most aggressive monetization campaign that you can easily deploy. With this lightbox you’re definitely going to get your members attention.

It is perfect for special announcement such as online events, new products & special promotions.

Top Bar Call To Action

This campaign lets you place a call to action at the top of all your lessons or on selected lessons.

You are also able to select for your button to link to an EverLesson product or and external url of your selection.

Banner Ad Placements

Banner ads are very effective inside of a membership platform. Here you’re able to set your banner placements in the side bar area.

You’re also able to deploy multiple banners at once.

Scrolling News Ticker

You also have the ability for a scrolling news ticker to scroll across the screen with a strong call to action. This’ll definitely get their attention.

The member is then able to click that scrolling text & be redirected to another EverLesson product or the external url of your choice.

With Very Specific Laser Focused Targeting!

It is important that you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. That is why we let you get very specific with your targeting. You can select to advertise to an entire membership or narrow it down to a specific lesson.

In addition to that EverLesson won’t show a campaign to a member who has already purchased that package. Very intuitive technology at work here.

EverLesson Funnel

The EverLesson Platform: Front end $47/Month
The member will receive the main EverLesson Platform with 20 membership sites & 10000 active clients.

EverLesson Pro Version: One Time Pro $197
The Pro-Version of EverLesson will enable the end user to create 20 membership sites and 15,000 clients.

EverLesson Agency Version: One Time $2997
The member will receive provision to offer membership services to their customers. They can manage upto 20 clients & 40,000 customers.

EverLesson Coaching Series: $997
Get your students certified with your courses at par with Global Standards. Track the time dedicated, analyze the assignments and award a degree the scientific way.


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