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InstaGenius Review

InstaGenius Review – Are you searching for more knowledge about InstaGenius? Please read through my honest reviews about InstaGenius before selecting it, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it. Can it be worth your time and effort and cash?

New chance that finds out your visitors wants & turns them into NEEDS with offers they can not refuse (or ignore).

I am pretty sure I do not need to waste time on this page explaining WHY making money as an Amazon affiliate is a good idea
(1.4billion dollars paid out to affiliates in 2016 alone?!?)

I am also kinda certain that I do not need to waste your time discussing why having a mailing list is a good idea too, right?

What about being able to build an email list of people who tell you EXACTLY what they want?

That would be gold, yeah?

What if then, you could automate the entire process – including emailing them the moment the product they want goes on sale.

A plugin is so powerful that it actually TRACKS the items for them & automatically tells them when it is a good time to buy. You not only save them money (becoming a pretty awesome sort or hero there), but you get commissions too.

Amazon Marketing That’s True WIN! WIN! WIN!

Customer WINS:

Your site visitor gets the product they want at a discount price

Amazon WINS:

Amz makes a bunch of sales they might have lost before


Earning more commissions & leads without lifting a finger!

Now you can use a WP plugin does it all for you, making Amz commissions for you easier than you ever dreamed possible.

InstaGenius Review And Overview

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What Is InstaGenius?

This’s the ultimate plugin for making more profits & building targeted lists on your blog – 100% handsfree.

Instagenius displays a widget (image of your selection) offering your site visitors a free ‘price watch’ service.

When they search for items they want, it offers customer advice, which they will get when they sign up to your subscriber list.

The plugin automatically tracks prices on Amz for them.

When a price goes on sale – or we find a recommended product (based on our clever algorithms), a hyper-targeted email autoresponder sequence goes into action for you:

– Closing the sale (they have already shown interest!)
– Upsells related products
– Does it all COMPLETELY handsfree

The plugin comes preloaded with customisable email sequences that automatically input the products they have shown interest in – when it goes on sale, taking advantage of time-limited sales & cross selling like never before.

This software allows you to assist all of them find exactly what they want at a price they can afford, building your list and earning you commissions in the process, giving you:

  • Targeted Buyer Leads In ANY Niche You Choose
  • Amz Sales, Days Months And Years After They Visit Your WebSite
  • Email Followups No Writing Needed, Automatically Sell More
  • 100% Handsfree And Newbie Friendly Using Our Setup Wizard


This Genius WordPress Plugin Comes With:

  • Easy To Use Admin Dashboard
  • Quick And Simple Setup
  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • Prewritten, Customizable Email Templates
  • Select How Many Followup Emails Are Sent
  • Choose Number Of Products Shown In Followups
  • Unsubscribe/Subscribe Function (CAN-SPAM Compliant)
  • Shortcodes In Emails For More Flexibility
  • Easy Autoresponder Integration, Works With:
  • AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, ConstantContact
  • Complete Automation After 5 min Setup

How Does InstaGenius Work?

Step 1: Install & activate the WP Plugin

Step 2: Connect Your Amazon Account And Autoresponder

Step 3: Select Attention Image And Where You Want It To Show

That Is All You Need To Do, EVER!

When A Visitor Clicks On Your Image, A Popup Like This Will Display

Your Logo: Put your own logo here

Azon Regions: Connect multiple Amz accounts to automatically offer a more tailored experience (optional)

Buyer Advice: Increased urgency and stickability

Azon Search: Searches happen in real time with prices & details pulled from Amz

90 Day Cookie: Clicking ‘Add to Cart’ takes user to Amazon insert dropping your aff cookie

Suggestions: Displays most recent searches your visitors have done on your website, for easier niche targeting

Load More: Pulls in even more Amz products with your aff ID for their targeted search term

Each search your site visitors make on this popup will display targeted Amz products with YOUR aff ID added in, so each click can make you money, as your OWN visitors create their own ads right before their eyes.

When they click on “Add To Cart’ you will be cookied for ALL Amz sales from that customer in the next 90 days.

As you can see, the customer advice can nudge them closer to a buying decision too, which I am sure you will understand is pretty powerful.

So where is all the hype then? There have been plugins that insert targeted Amz products to your website before…

How is this different from them?

Well, wait til you see what that innocent looking ‘Add To Bargain Watch List” can do for you…


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