Jungle Scout Review – Product Search Helper for Amazon FBA Sellers

Jungle Scout Review

Product Search Helper for Amazon FBA Sellers

It has been a learning journey for me & Cena. We’ve done reasonably well, we did make an income out of internet marketing, better than the previous year. Cut story short, we ended looking into our recent project & try to figure out what went wrong.
It’s a project we’re currently involved in and to be honest, we invested a bit of our time and money but we could not get this project up and running. So, we did our research for a few weeks and Cena came across a product that was a gem. We started using and applying it to our project & got the result. What we looking at is now following a case study Jungle Scout Millionaire Dollars Case StudyJungle Scout Review

Jungle Scout Review – Overview

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Have you heard about Amazon FBA?

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce site in the internet. There are other players in the market doing e-commerce but everybody knows Amazon. You can buy anything from Amazon & buying something you want is a breeze. The site is user friendly & you can search for any products you want in a flash. Amazon is one of the best e-commerce site that I came across since I started internet marketing.

One of the services that Amazon offers is Amazon FBA. If you’re interested in selling your product on-line, you can signup with Amazon. Amazon enables you to sell your product directly with them & will do the rest of the work for you such as packing, shipping & inventory listing. This sounds quite easy right? Well, it isn’t that simple as you think.

When I first did Amazon FBA with Cena, we thought it was quite easy. After researching &  opting on 2 selected programs on Amazon FBA, we selected our first product, We did our orders from Alibaba, shipped our orders to Amazon & list the product. For the first few weeks, we didn’t sell anything. We found the problem & it was a lesson learned. On Amazon FBA, you need to learn and most importantly, do our product research first. We didn’t & started to jump on the bandwagon. We took the wrong step & it was down and dusted.

So in the end, we have to scale down our selling price to the minimum low to fight off our competitors with high reviews & did a couple of promotions in order to get an organic sale. It was tough and it was a lesson we won’t repeat. We knew we could not get a profit when we first started & we hit a road block. So we tried another approach and this time we got it right.

Jungle Scout LITE Version

The basic JS license will give main information you need when researching for your product niche:

Estimated Monthly Sales – you can see an approximate estimate how many items do sellers sell each month. This will potentially yell if the product niche is potential gold mine or better to move on to another idea.

Estimated Monthly Revenue – some of the best selling product revenue estimations are impressive. Sometimes loooking at these numbers spin your head for more ideas on particular product niche items, which might inspire you to work on ideas how some products could be improved & to take your share from the market.

Number of Reviews – it’s important parameter when researching for your product ideas. If there are thousands reviews for certain products, you might reconsider if it’s worth to compete with existing sellers on that product. And Jungle Scout provides this data instantly on the plate.

Average Star Rating – If you spot a low rating product with high estimated sales – that might be a gold mine for you, if you would decide to analyse the reviews an think how to bring an improved version of the same product to the market.

Jungle Scout Pro Version

We would highly recommend to add additional $60 USD & purchase the extended version of Jungle Scout PRO.

You get all what is in the LITE version, and on the top of that there are many extra & very useful features included for this relatively small extra-pay.

First, the Jungle Scout product analysis window will display lots of valuable & useful additional field:

FBA Fee Calculator – you’ll immediately see what are the FBA fees charged by Amazon for each extracted product listing in the table

Number of Sellers – this will help you to see how big is the competition for particular product at the moment. This might help you decide if it’s worth to go for Private Label option or simply skip the product & search for other less competitive chance.

Dimesions and Weight – if the product you research can vary in size & weight, various dimension & weight data columns will give overall overview of, for example, what FBA fees can attract different sized product variations.

Oversize Indicator – it shows you if your analysed product might attract oversize dimensions. So you can quickly decide for another, e.g. less bulky, product variation.

Monthly Item Trends – when doing JS analysis on particular Amazon keyword, you’ll get an immediate link to view the historical Keyword Trend of the last months & years.

What makes Jungle Scout the best suite of Amazon Product research tools on the market?

You are not just getting an amazing set of tools that takes the headache out of doing Amazon research… but a support team by your side every step of the way.

Most extensive & reliable Amazon database in the industry

We capture over billions of data points from Amazon sales every month, & our team of Data Scientists constantly refine proprietary models based on that data. No other tool can say the same.

Dedicated Customer Support

If you need a hand, our friendly & knowledgable support staff are here to help, 20 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether you are an FBA newbie or a seasoned veteran, rely on us to answer all your FBA questions.

Top-notch free resources

Our customers tell us we have the best educational content on the web for building a sustainable FBA business. With our case studies, e-books, webinars & blog posts, you will always be ahead of the curve when it comes to selling on Amazon.


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