PoodlePay Review

PoodlePay Review – Sticky notes all over your desk?

It’s important that you read them if you have not yet. This is the final reminder to get your seat RSVP’d – it starts in just a few hours.

Inside the webinar, my good friend Vas Blagodarskiy will show you how to avoid a massive pitfall of using the traditional ‘pen & paper method’ over
traditional tools.

Plus.. He will show you his new web app, called “PoodlePay!”

If your small business is plagued by the traditional ‘pen &paper method,’ i.e., keeping track of your cash in old-school books rather than a computerized
system.. Then you are wasting a ton of time on basic business functions, rather than your most valuable function: SELLING!

 You can reclaim that lost time
& double the size of your business EASILY, using one new web app, called.. “PoodlePay!”

This cloud based tool comes out on October 26, so this is your opportunity to get a live sneak peek at it, a full 12 hours before the release.
I just got the good news from Vas (creator of the “PoodlePay!” web app) that 50 of the 100 available seats already got reserved. Only 50 more are remaining, and you could get one:

==>> Check Out!

Here is what you will learn inside:

PoodlePay!” is s a point-of-sale web app (nothing to download, nothing to install). It helps you you ACCURATELY track, all in one
place, all of your:

– Inventory
– Customers
– Sales
– Cashiers
– And more

So if you are a small business owner or entrepreneur.. OR if you know any who could use your help with getting organized Make sure you check out this
page for more details about the October 26th launch:

==>> Check Out!

The webinar will start on Oct. 25 at 7pm EST so if you sign up now then all you have to do is show up on your computer and you will have a chance to ask Vas

Inside this link above, you will see the full list of features as well as a quick video from Vas.poodlepay-compressed

Exactly What Is PoodlePay ?

PoodlePay! helps you save TIME & MONEY on all the stuff you are used to doing, using the traditional ‘pen & paper’ method (even if you SUCK at using spreadsheets).

By ‘going digital,’ your business record keeping practices will become more efficient & enable you to spend your time on more productive efforts, like marketing, selling, & making sure your clients are happy (so they return to you over & over again, and recommend you to their friends & family).

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 – watch this LIVE demo video clip:

1. Add Your Inventory
Never lose track of merchandise ever again

2. Add Your customers
Have your customers’ information at your fingertips

3. Add Your Sales
Track all your money coming in and out of your business