Soci Marketer Review

Soci Marketer Review – The Newest Cutting Edge Tools Released From FB Available Today

With FB being the world’s fisrt trafficked site and the best platform to build any business, we now have a tool that will help us attack it from all angles and reap HUGE rewards.

What Does Soci Marketer Do For Me?

  • Start Automating FB, Likes, Shares & Comments
  • And “Private Reply Messages” & Begin Reaping The Benefits Of Massive Fan Engagement Today!
  • You know that the hardest thing on FaceBook is to get that “SOCIAL PROOF” that your post needs to be seen by the LARGEST Possible Customers.
  • Our Fantastic “SUPER SYSTEM “completely solves this problem easily!!!

Soci Marketer – Worlds First Carousel Posting Tool

  • More images invite more scrolling
  • Totally free advertising
  • Increase your sales 10x
  • Get free traffic for your site
  • Increases “ORGANIC” reach
  • Showcase up to 5 clickable images within a single post, at no extra cost
  • Increase engagement geometrically
  • Schedule your posts & forget them
  • Auto Like, Auto share, Auto Comment, Auto Private Reply in inbox


Soci Marketer Overview

Soci Marketer logo

See More: SociHub – It is a cloud-based platform that takes SIX of the top social media platforms & allows you to manage & schedule all their content from one easy to use dashboard.

Soci Marketer Features

Soci Marketer – Cross Posting Features…

Crossposted Videos provides Pages the ability to create posts from videos without re-uploading them again. This provides you the ability to see total insights from all videos crossposted across FB & a breakdown of metrics across the multiple posts created from it.

Most powerful feature for your video marketing

  • Reach a new & broader customer
  • Reach a more relevant customer
  • Avoid sending or re-uploading videos
  • See aggregated insights for posts across all Pages
  • This new feature works with regular video and 360 video

Soci Marketer – The ULTIMATE shortcut that immediately lets you tap into the whole world of FB generating MASSIVE Leads and Profits with just clicks of mouse

Soci Marketer – Worlds 1st Slide Show Posting Tool…

Slide Shows provides Pages the ability to create posts from your content ( Video, Imagess  Etc.) without any hassel. This also provides you the ability to see total insights from all content posted across FB

  • The power of video, without the time & expense, increase the engagement of your post.
  • Turn your images into video with slideshow
  • Awesome presentation
  • It will assist businesses reach the people in emerging & high-growth markets who want to watch more video content, but have limited bandwidth
  • Savvy marketers everywhere are adopting slideshows as a way to overcome the challenges of creating videos, or simply to try a new & engaging ad format
  • This is your new text content. You can easily modify this text, insert more paragraph, change font style or insert images by clicking the edit button.


Their Tremendous Posting Features
Message, Image, Link, Video Poster

  • Preview before Post
  • Highly customizable
  • Schedule your campaign & forget it
  • Auto like & comment
  • Auto share across multiple pages
  • Auto private replies to comments
  • YouTube video or uploaded video Post
  • Booost engagement by the power of auto sharing across other pages
  • Bulk Posting across unlimited pages
  • More flexibility than ever

Their Powerful Posting Insights
Page, Post, Video Insight

  • They provide you amazingly powerful tools to analyze your posts, pages, or video performance. How the page is attracting viewers, how the video is viewed & where the post engagement came from.
  • This helps you test & then modify your campaigns for greater conversions (SALES).
  • Eye Catching graphical design
  • Very easy to understand
  • Full overview of your page statistics
  • Full performance data for your posts & videos