SyVid Review

SyVid Review

Video marketing is a trend for business online today. However, it requires much technology skills and knowledge to perform well. But if you ignore it, you drop the massive chance to get customers because 73% viewers will decide to purchase after watching the video. So, is there some tool to assist us to complete the hard work efficiently? Yes, of course!

You’re in the right place with my SyVid Review. It’ll introduce you a software bringing you a revolution in video marketing campaign but not require you any pro tech skill. Let’s see!

SyVid Review – Overview

  • Vendor: Abhi Dwivedi
  • Product: SyVid
  • Launch Date: 2017-Nov-27
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $47
  • Sales Page:
  • Market: Video

What’s SyVid?

SyVid is a cloud based app where you can upload a single video that’s then automatically uploaded and published on 10 different video sharing sites along with the unique titles, descriptions and your key words. Additionally, it automatically enables you to share the link of these videos to 15 different social networking websites to get you instant traffic.

SyVid a super simple to use cloud based app that anybody can use and finally begin putting those amazing videos they have created. It syndicates and schedules multiple video upload campaigns.

9 Reasons Why SyVID Is The Most Powerful Video Promotion Tool You Will Ever Need…

REASON 1: One-Click Connect

Our One-Click Connect technology quickly connects all your video sharing social media accounts simply by clicking on an icon and securely entering your qualifications. You can now publish to multiple accounts at the push of a button!

REASON 2: Connect Multiple Accounts

Have multiple accounts in YouTube or Twitter? You can now automatically post videos to all your connected accounts within one site, across 9 video sharing sites and 11 social media sites. The possibilities are endless!

REASON 3: Campaign Based Organization

Easily organize your video syncing campaigns within your control panel. Keep track of customers, videos and whole campaigns, so you can progress without stress, and understand exactly what’s happening at a glance.

REASON 4: Title, Descriptions & Keyword Spinner

Worried about posting the same video to multiple websites and accounts, and getting slapped with dupe content penalties? No problem. SyVID can automatically spin your video’s name, key words and descriptions across every video sharing site, to prevent duplicate issues. This is a great way to test multiple titles, and see which you get the most views, clicks and sales!

REASON 5: SEO Rank Score

SyVID creates a unique SEO Rank score for every title, description and keyword when you are uploading the video, showing you exactly what’s required to get better video rankings on all of the video sharing sites and reach Google page #1 also.

REASON 6: Easy Scheduling

Schedule videos to upload on a certain date and time, and even schedule SyVID to share at a certain date and time also. Perfect for publishing videos as soon as your target audience are waking up, or relaxing at home, or just letting SyVID take care of everything while you’re away from your desk, having fun.

REASON 7: 100 percent Whitehat and Approved

SyVID is a 100 percent whitehat video distribution program that doesn’t violate any TOS, making sure that your accounts are fully safe.

REASON 8: 100 percent Cloud Based

There is nothing to download or install or configure. Just login to your SyVID account and begin sharing and publishing videos in minutes.

REASON 9: Established & Evergreen Product

With more than 100s beta testers and 3 months in research and develoment, SyVID is battle–tested traffic becoming tool you can rely on.

How it works?

# Pick a video to upload to SyVid, your video will be spread across 9 major video sharing websites.

# When your video is uploaded on all websites, SyVid automatically shares your video link across some major
social media websites.

# As your video picks up more views, Google ranks it higher in their search results and in couple of hours you will be
Collecting an increasing number of views.

Nothing is better than this:

# 1 click connect.

# Connect multiple accounts.

# It keeps track of customers, videos and complete campaigns.

# It can automatically twist your video’s titles, description and keywords.

# It creates a unique search engine optimization rank for every title and key words.

# Easy scheduling.

Get video views in quick and easy way:

Forget wasting hours uploading one video to multiple video sharing sites, and posting the link to all
Your social media accounts:

• No more tedious guest posting
• No more boring blogging
• No more money–draining advertisements
• No more recruitment affiliates
• No more slaving over SEO
• No more begging for backlinks
• No more seedy networking

Who can use SyVid?

# Local Marketers

# Marketing Agencies

# Fiverr

# Advertisers

# Social media marketers

# Ecom store owners

# Affiliates

# Product Creators

# TeeSpringers

Why one should get SyVid?

# 1 click connect.

# Connect multiple accounts.

# It keeps track of customers, videos and entire campaigns.

# It can automatically spin your video’s titles, description and keywords.

# It creates a unique search engine optimization rank for every title and key words.

# Easy scheduling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. – Can this work on Mac or PC?
Ans. — SyVID is a cloud-based app so yes, it is going to work on your Mac, PC, Tablets and even mobile phones. You can login and sync videos from anywhere in the world, with any device.

Q. – Is There a Money Back Guarantee?
Ans. — Absolutely! SyVID Has a 14 Days Money Back Guarantee. You can take it out for a spin and we promise that you will love the kind if visitors it can get for your videos, or you do not pay a dime.

Q. – Is There Training?
Ans. — SyVID is dead easy to use, but also includes detailed video and PDF tutorials and training which can be accessed right within the dashboard. You can always reach out to our support team if you have any questions.

Q. – Is there a monthly fee?
Ans. — During our special offer at the moment, there are NO monthly fees or setup costs. The price that you see above is the only price you pay, one-time-payment. There is nothing else to pay.

Q. – How is SyVID Different & Better Than Other Similar Apps?
Ans. — Unlike most other tools, SyVID syndicates into 9 major video sharing platforms, and allows you to concurrently share your video across 11 major social media channels, all with one click. Additionally, it features an search engine optimization ranker tool that demonstrates how you can tweak your video to get tons of free search engine optimization visitors, and even spin titles, descriptions and keywords to make each entry unique from the past, and avoiding duplicate content penalties.

Nothing could be better than this:

With SyVid, now you also can upload, syndicate and share hundreds of videos per day. You would be able to get visitors from the social media sites like Vzaar, WordPress, Tumblr, Vimeo, Dailymotion, YouTube, Facebook and Blogger. Imagine the number of people… all watching your video, pouring into your Landing pages and offers.