Tai Lopez 67 Steps Review – Is His 67 Steps Program Really Legit Or A Scam?

Tai Lopez 67 Steps Review – I came to learn about Tai Lopez & his 67 Steps from one of his YouTube video clips. The video & related media caught my attention & I immediately decided to learn more about him & his program.

I’m sure like myself, many of you’d also like to learn more about him & his programs.

To help you guys, I’ve spent some time, done some research & prepared this Tai Lopez‘s 67 Steps Review. I’ve divided this into smaller segments for an easy read.

Let’s check out my detailed review by scrolling below!

Who’s Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez began his path to success as an entrepreneur with a main background in financial services.

In many interviews he mentions that he dropped out of college & began working as a financial planner.

After a major transformation & a journey to success, today, Tai Lopez spends most of his days speaking, reading & sharing his knowledge & experience with seekers of wisdom.

Tai Lopez claims that all his experience, from traveling, reading, and being mentored by millionaires, has helped him come up with several foundational concepts & principles that can aid others in creating the success they want for themselves.

This was the birth of The 67 Steps.

Tai says that he made The 67 Steps because when he sat down to look at his list of nuggets of wisdom he wanted to share them. He picked the number 67 steps because studies have shown that a new habit can be formed in 66 days.

In his own words, he “added 1 more for good luck & came up with 67”.

While the majority of these steps are rooted in the personal experiences of Tai Lopez, he has also combined them with the teachings of other successful people. These people include his personal mentors & others, like Bill Gates, Charlie Munger, & Gandhi.

Tai hopes that The 67 Steps program will enable users to live their lives successfully, avoiding the numbness & unhappiness that comes from a squandered life.

Up to this point there are thousands whos life has been impacted by the 67 steps program, from newbies to wealthier entrepreneurs thousands of positive testimonials float the net today.Tai Lopez 67 Steps Review

Tai Lopez 67 Steps Review

The 67 steps as the name says, is a series of steps to get the “good life” Everyone wants the Good life but not everyone gets the “Good Life”only those who know the way to use their time & learn from the mistakes of others have an opportunity to attain it.

To learn from the mistakes & triumphs from some of the greatest philosophers & most prolific man, has been Tai’s biggest obsessions & reasons why he is so invested into knowledge & practical information.

The 67 steps brings value & fundamental principle of success from some of history’s biggest winners such as Socrates, Donald Trump, Plato, Warren Buffet & Arnold Schwarzenegger to name a few.

In all honesty is kind if hard to explain & put into words all of what the 67 steps encompasses.

Click here to watch the official introduction.

We will not list all 67 steps here since, you know, Tai Lopez would probably get mad at us. But we will give you a few examples of different steps in the program, including:

1) Be Worth a Damn

2) Be Adaptable

8) Life Long Learning

15) Be a “Social Chameleon”

20) Prioritize

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Each step comes with a practical, in-depth explanation of the way to implement that step in your daily life. For example, in step 15 “Be a Social Chameleon”, Tai explains the way he uses a P.A.S.E. system to categorize the people around him (Practical, Action, Social, & Emotional). Then, he changes his approach to those individuals based on how he reads them.

Tai Lopez will often reference lessons from some of the world’s most successful people & greatest minds – so you are not just getting one man’s theory on why he’s so awesome.

67 Steps Details

1. Worth a damn factor
2. Adaptability
3. Humility
4. Good artists copy, great artists steal
5. Poor friends, rich friends
6. The sculpture approach
7. Learnt helplessness
8. Don’t compartmentalise your life
9. Simulation machines
10. A nation is born stoic and dies epicurean
11. The whisper of 10 000 generations
12. Your signature strength
13. Don’t pursue what you lust but what you like
14. Pragmatic pessimism
15. Do the math
16. Be a collector, have the edge effect
17. Work 100 hours a week while others work 40
18. The contrast bias
19. Investor approach
20. Reengineer the present
21. PASE
22. 7 step scientific approach
23. Land the plane
24. Most of us are rewarded for activity, you need to win wars
25. Seasons of a project
26. F22 exercise
27. Wolf pack and its criteria
28. Plan the day productively
29. Don’t waste your life
30. Be light, embrace ignorance, be efficient
31. Trust but verify, know what your employees are doing
32. Chose the right slot machine
33. Don’t bother the pigs
34. 10 dark years, go up fast, go down fast
35. Careful to who you listen to, become elitist
36. There are irresistible forces at work, guard yourself
37. Land, labour, capital
38. Get rid of idiots, suckers and low self-esteem people
39. Do something that’s unique to your story in this competitive world
40. Practical pessimism
41. Be a shaker, an analyser, a reader, make things happen
42. You need the ability to geniusly prioritise your life
43. Weird people are simply… stupid
44. Penny wise, dollar foolish
45. “I don’t even know how people sleep with all this opportunity”
46. Build exact systems, then increase scale
47. The 5% twick and 38% start
48. Trust in the process and tall puppy symptom
49. Ratcheting and the 4 bases
50. Only masters remain, hire fast fire fast
51. Being understood is the foundation of persuasion
52. Pareto efficiency
53. 3 foot world and enhancing the financial vehicle
54. Get the board of critics and ask “why” 3 times
55. Optimal stopping & inverse rationality
56. Courage and bravery
57. “Unstompable” factor and curiosity
58. Be prepared when the opportunity comes in life
59. Excellence in tangibles and intangibles
60. Impatiently patient! Ratchet it!
61. Opportunity cost and the units of freedom
62. Build “forgiveness” everywhere; no kindness of strangers
63. Every bad action = 3 good deeds
64. Knowing who’s in the room & actions do change feelings
65. Don’t be a diletont, drink deep and sip none
66. Fundamentals not complicated truths
67. Nuke the amygdala, you have to fail and be judged to succeed! Expose yourself!

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