Top 2018 Movies to Watch Free Online.

Top 2018 Movies to Watch Free Online.

In the world of movies, 2018 has been an amazing year. In the course of the year, there have been fantastic Marvel movies, as well as classics. In this piece, we have handpicked the top must-watch movies for the year 2018. Check them out!

1.A Simple Favor

Even if you are the best predictor when it comes to how movies will turn out, this will be an exception. The movie – A Simple Favor – offers a drama like none. Some parts of the movie will get you feeling awkward, while you feel absolute anxiety with other parts. Overall, this movie portrays a amazing story that is worth every second of your time and attention. If you weren’t opportune to watch it in the theater, 123movies got you covered.

2.Black Panther

Marvel is on this again! From Iron Man, to Thor, Captain America, and Guardians of Galaxy, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has spent the last couple of years bringing up titles of various superheroes, each with his own unprecedented virtues and feats. The latest on the list is the Black Panther, a release that further highlights Marvel’s capability, magnitude, and depth to deliver on exciting new fantasies. The Black Panther is definitely worth all the hype and more, and that is why it makes the top three of this list. Still in doubt? Wait until you watch!

3.The Meg

Before going into this movie, the expectations were not really high, but in the end we wish we had expected more. The Meg is an amazing movie that gives you this constant tingling feeling such that you never want to go off your seat. The movie is beyond prediction; no one knows who survives and who does not. Perhaps it will pass as a Jurassic world movie for sharks, but it is a movie worth every second of your time. Watch, relax, and enjoy!

4.Incredibles 2

The hype, and subsequently, the expectations surrounding this movie was definitely high. Although, it didn’t turn out better than the first Incredibles, the Incredibles 2 was still an amazing movie to check out. You will definitely be reminded of those good old days when we were kids. The movie is available on Putlocker, and will soon come out in DVDs. If you have kids, you definitely have another reason to watch the Incredibles 2.

5.Deadpool 2

Just like the Incredibles, Deadpool 2 wasn’t entirely more interesting than Deadpool I. However, it is still a fantastic movie and definitely one to watch. You will get funny awkward moments as well as exciting comedy moments throughout the movie. It is another blockbuster from Marvel – who else?

Yes, we have discussed the movies that have made the year 2018 so far. Now let us take a sneak peek at the movies to watch out for in the upcoming year 2019.

From what we have seen this year, we expect 2019 to even offer more in entertainment compared to the last couple of years. It is certain that people are looking forward to exciting movies for the incoming year. Some already-announced upcoming movies for 2019 include:

Captain Marvel (Adventure)

If you are chanced to see a complete list of the superheroes with the highest power and influence, you will most likely find Captain Marvel sitting at the top. The Captain America movie portrays a war between two aliens. Anna Boden takes the credit for the screenplay, with casting stars such as Gemma Chan, McKenna Grace, Lee Pace, Brie Larson, Annette Bening and several others all making important inputs. Flenix will host the movie as soon as it is out, for free tentatively.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (Adventure)

“Mighty Godzilla” is one of the huge monsters to be faced by the characters Monarch. According to the screenplay, the monster is expected to be up against the Rodan, Mothra, alongside his other three-headed “King Ghidorah.” Michael Dougherty will do the directing, and the stars like Millie Bobby, Vera Farmiga, and Sally Hawkins will grace the movie.

The New Mutants (Action)

A set of normal five youngsters transform into Mutants, each with a distinct ability, including fighting their past sins and protecting themselves. Written by Knate Lee, the movie is set to feature stars like Maisie Williams, Antonio Banderas, and Anya Taylor.

Others include:

• Toy Story 4, coming after the successful first 3 Toy Stories
• Dark Phoenix, a sequel to Logan and X-Men series
• Shazam
• Dumbo
• Hellboy
• Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
• Detective Pikachu
• Bond 25
• Joker