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Traffikrr Review

Traffikrr Review – 1 Click Autopilot Software Builds You A Site And Gets You Viral Traffic In A Few Minutes Using Other Peoples Videos!

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You are just getting started online, and you find all the “tech” stuff a bit complicated
You know how to get a site setup, but you like the idea of working smarter not harder and like to save time, money & frustration
You are not getting enough traffic, or you just like the idea of getting even more traffic for free
You are currently an affiliate marketer, CPA marketer, or have a product of your own & you are looking for an easy way to make fast aff commission
You have tried other site building & traffic software tools in the past, and you are looking for something that is easy to use & actually works
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Traffikrr Info

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About Author

Traffikrr is one of the newest inventions from Glynn Kosky. This man is a guru in affiliate marketing & website developing. Many of his products such as Million Dollar Toolbox, Pure Profit Payday, & Instant Traffic Jacker have buzzed the Internet for quite a while.

Glynn developed Traffikrr in the hope of delivering a simple yet highly efficient solution for website creation & traffic production. My Traffikrr Review will now specify its feature to give you an honest answer for whether or not this plugin is worth its weight in gold.

What Is Traffikrr?

Traffikrr Review

Traffikrr is an extremely powerful WP plugin that’ll build you a viral “money site” in a few minutes filled with content and videos direct from Ytube on complete auto pilot.

Traffikrr will then automatically search for new videos on Ytube channels you choose, as often as you wish, and then the minute those videos are posted on Ytube, the plugin then posts these new videos direct to your “money site” & create a brand new post on your blog & pushes these videos onto your FB fan page at the very same minute.

Other social websites are being inserted to the plugin as we speak.

How Does It Work?

Traffikrr operates in a simple mechanism. You just need to complete 3 simple steps to have it ready.

Set up – Install Traffikrr with one click of your mouse, select the YouTube channels to post videos from. At the same time, Traffikrr will create a custom website ready for the monetization. a

Create – Once Traffikrr is setup, it’ll automatically upload content to the site & optimize the conversion. Also, Traffikrr can create posts on FB to send viral traffic to the site without any need for manual tasks.

Enjoy – Sit back & watch the profit running into your pocket. Traffikrr pours traffic from Facebook, Linkedln, Twitter, and Tumblr to the user’s site, massively exposing it to viral traffic and conversion.

Traffikrr Demo

Great Traffikrr Features

  • Newbie Friendly plugin that is easy to install and use – Even with ZERO tech skills
  • Traffikrr builds you a complete website with the newest content & videos on complete autopilot
  • Traffikrr automatically posts this content onto your FB fanpage
  • 1 click install with a very basic one-time setup required to get a forever flow of traffic to your “money site”
  • Traffikrr assists grow your FB fan page by posting brand new videos on autopilot
  • Destroy your competition by having the NEWEST videos posted on your website and fan page before anybody else
  • Videos posted on your website can have ads appear at any time during playback
  • Money and Commissions can be generated via a variety of ways via your “money site” that Traffikrr builds for you
  • Works in ANY NICHE and ANY Videos can be automatically posted to your fan page and site – Just choose which channels you want the system to post from!
  • Plug And Play system with groundbreaking technology – Never been seen before

It only takes a few seconds to install the Traffikrr plugin to your site via wordpress and once installed, you have various ways you could make money via using the plugin.

Firstly you can have ads displayed on the videos that are posted to your money site. These ads can appear at any minute during playback. You can also have your website stuffed with affiliate links, and you could also have google adsense adverts on your website too. In addition to these money making methods, there’re several other ways you could monetize the site.

Traiffkrr assists you grow your FB fan page by posting brand new videos on complete autopilot. All it takes is a one time setup, then you can leave your money site to generate cash and leave the FB fan page, as everything is done automatically from there on.

Traffikrr will automatically check the Ytube channels you choose, each X amount of minutes and then post these videos to your website and FB fan page.

You can use Traffikrr in any niche or category.

Traffikrr Will Make Your Life Easy…

No Stress — You do not have to stress about creating affiliate websites & content to go on your website ever again. The software does it for you using the Newest video content on YouTube.

No Worries — You will never worry about getting FREE traffic again… it does that too! Because this powerful plugin sends posts direct to Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter & Tumblr, you can stop worrying about traffic.

It Takes Just Minutes — It takes just minutes to get everything setup, and then then the software goes to work on auto-pilot to get you traffic and make you sales. No further maintenance is ever required on your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

In case you need any help

What is Traffikrr?

Traffikrr is an easy-to-use WP plugin-in that finally makes it easy to get traffic & make cash online.

Traffikrr will build you a website using the newest & freshest videos on YouTube.

Then Traffikrr will go to work getting you FREE traffic to your new website &  make sure that traffic converts into sales.

No one has ever released a software that does everything Traffikrr does.

Is this software newbie friendly?

Yes, it’s 100% newbie-friendly & easy for anyone to use. But do not let the simplicity fool you. This tool is extremely powerful and will make beginners & experienced marketers a lot of cash.

Do I need anything special to use this tool?

Nothing special is required. It’s a WP plugin, so it takes just a few seconds to upload & install on any site using WP. Once installed, it’s easy to get things setup using the simple, graphical user interface. It truly is ‘point & click’ easy… No coding or design skills required.

Is the traffic this generates really free?

Yes, the traffic you get comes from the software automatically postings videos on FB, and the traffic is 100% FREE & highly targeted.

Why is this better than other site builders and traffic-getting software?

You would need at least 3 other software tools to do what Traffikrr does…

Traffikrr replaces…
Site builder software
Traffic software
Video overlay software
Plus, it does what all these software tools do in one place so it’s faster, it’s easier, & it works much better than anything you have ever seen before.

How much traffic can I get with this?

The traffic-getting opportunity is unlimited. It’s very possible to have hundreds of visitors daily right out of the gates. And the best part about this is… Once you get things setup, the software continues to work on auto-pilot to get you traffic & make you sales.

How long does it take to get things setup?

You can be up-and-running within a few minutes of getting your hands on this today.

How much daily work do I need to put into this?

Unless you want to setup new sites across multiple niches, you do not have to do any work. Once this is setup, it runs on TOTAL auto-pilot to get you traffic & make you money.

Who should get Traffikrr?

If you are doing almost anything online, you have ever struggled to get traffic, or you just like shortcuts, you need this.

Traffikrr works for…

Affiliate marketing
CPA offers
Lead generation and list-building
Selling your own products
High-ticket offers
And more…

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, you get 30 days to make sure this is for you. If for ANY reason you are not 100% satisfied, just let us know, and we will send you a prompt refund.

How do I get started right now?

Click The Button Below Now For Instant Access…



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