5 Ways You Can Use Facebook Live as Part of Your Digital Strategy

Before the arrival of mobile live-streaming – Facebook Live in particular – video was considered out of reach for many digital marketers. As a B2B marketer, I was too familiar with having to source 3 quotes to get video company record our events, which meant that we often just did not do it.

FB Live provided a whole new consideration when it was launched back in 2015. With FB Live, all I have to do is set it up on a stand, ensure my mobile phone is plugged in and “go live”. Of course, to ensure maximum response, I need to do some pre-marketing & sharing, but it simplifies the video broadcasting process, making it easier to connect with fans & produce interactive, engaging content.
To help get you thinking about how you can utilize Facebook Live, here are 5 ideas of how to use the option, and some examples of those that are seeing success.

1. Share Your Brand Experience

If you are a well-established brand looking to amplify your storefront, sharing the experience with your fans is a simple, effective, way to use Facebook Live. But if you do not have a physical store, you could consider creating a Live feed to share more about your brand & what you do, giving viewers a window into your world.

You could share more insight into your business & your vision, what you set out to reach, your products & their benefits. And this is the best part – you can answer audience queries in real-time

I love this because it provides “moment of truths” for the viewers tuning in, enabling them to get immediate responses & build better associations with your company.

Here is a great example of this in practice:


I attended the ‘Legal for non-legal workshop’ hosted by Asia Law Network & Singapore Corporate Counsel Association last week, and they were great at utilizing FB Live to stream workshop. Not only were they able to field questions from attendees, the lawyers & host answered questions from viewers tuning in.

2. Host Webinars and Announcements

So as to sharing your brand experience, FB Live is also great for streaming webinars & information sessions. Mark Zuckerberg does this in his Q&A meet-ups, and you could share your stream for as short as four seconds, or up to four hours, giving you plenty of time to deliver your key messages.
One of my favorite instances of this was former U.S. President Barack Obama, who regularly used Facebook Live to broadcast announcements & discussions.

We got some great news on jobs and the economy this morning, and President Obama wants to tell you all about it. So pull up a chair in the Roosevelt Room next to his economic team and listen in!

Posted by The Obama White House on Friday, March 4, 2016

3. Offer Courses, Teasers and Other Educational Material

Live-streaming offers a simple, effective way to deliver content to a targeted audiences – which makes it perfectly suited to delivering courses & education material to a wider range of students, enabling wider access to to your resources.

There are considerations to take into account when providing such content online, but it could be a great way to deliver relevant information, and show real world instances, giving more students access, more of the time – while enabling them to ask questions, just as they can if they were in the room.

Regent's School Bangkok is Live!Watch a heart dissection lesson by the head of science, Mr Marc Curran. It is part of our transition program in which, at the end of the academic year, we take Year 6 pupils to see what life in the Secondary School is like.#science #education #learning

Posted by The Regent's International School, Bangkok on Tuesday, May 10, 2016

4. Breaking News

This is something media outlets are taking advantage of – live-streaming has quickly become an essential element of breaking news, with many news outlets utilizing live, and Facebook’s massive reach, to share the latest updates & developments quickly.

Watch LIVE: Egypt declares a three month state of emergency after attacks on two churches that have left at least 44 dead.BBC’s Ranyah Sabry is live in Cairo taking your questions…

Posted by BBC News on Monday, April 10, 2017

But even if you are not a media outlet, you can use Live to broadcast your own forms of breaking news. You could share product launches, stream live when someone from your company is invited to become a speaker at an event, share developmental milestones to your fans & user base. There’re endless possibilities to using Live as a channel to distribute relevant news.

5. Personal Branding

Live-streaming is good for personal branding, as it enables you to present a raw, real perspective on who you are & what you do. This is as close as people could get to you outside of meeting you in real life – when you go Live, it is you, nothing edited, just real human connection.

If you are a business owner, you can use this to brand yourself and create affinity between your customers & other associated parties.

But what if, like a lot of people, you are camera-shy?

Here is my tip – get on Facebook Live, turn it on, set the settings to ‘only you’ & go wild. The more you play around with it – watching your expression, listening to your own voice – the better prepared you’ll be when you actually do “go Live”.

I hope this helps shape your perspective of using FB Live as part of your digital plan. Do not shy away – remember, this is FB’s own tool. Make your own guidelines as to how to use it as appropriately for your company’s requirements, but ensure to give it a try, either way. Get on it before the world does.