VideoSumo Review

VideoSumo Review — Introduction

Ask an online marketer or online business owner what they enjoy most in the world, and they’ll answer right away that they need”more customers and more traffic to their site”. Regardless of what you’re promoting right now, you definitely should have traffic. Nevertheless, most of internet business owners or internet marketers agree with the fact they need to pay for traffic or attempt to spend hours and hours each and every day chasing”free” sources. Also, recently, it’s not difficult for us to see a bunch of unproven or out of date”systems” created by so specialists that do not work out for you at all and almost rely much on Google. The simple fact is that the biggest search engine- Google frequently change the rules all of sudden which make a huge amount of people get burned. It’s getting harder to receive our articles, sites or videos on page 1 of Google. Thus, today I need to suggest an all-in-one traffic becoming solution called VideoSumo which allows you to build your own instant traffic hubs in minutes with 100% control and full rights on the videos created. It contains a lot of great features that I am excited to show you. Hence, do not be afraid to check it out my VideoSumo Review now.

VideoSumo Review — Overview

  • Product: VideoSumo
  • Launch Date: AUGUST 20th 2018
  • Front-End Price: $17
  • Niche: Software
  • Recommend: Highly recommend
  • Guarantee: 30 days money back guarantee
  • Home Page:


What Is VideoSumo?

VideoSumo is referred to as a brand new, powerful software which allows you to find out and then target free traffic in any niche based on present video ranking data. With VideoSumo, you will be able to get free traffic in any market, rank on Google page #1 as well as drive traffic to your offers with just 3 simple steps.

Now in my VideoSumo Review, I Would like to show you key features of this program

VS Create

This feature permits you to use the information for their own videos, or use its integrated video builder in order to create new videos to fit any niche. Additionally, it is easy for you to build videos from web pages, harvest page sections and turn into movie slides, use video clips, images, add sound and upload with extracted ranking data. So if you’re not good at creating videos, I believe that you ought to use this attribute of VideoSumo.

Keyword Finder

With VideoSumo, you can freely enter seed keywords with the objective of assessing competition in any market. VideoSumo keyword research shows clearly correlated YouTube and Google results in addition to shows all the phrase competitions using a traffic light system. It means that you are no longer have to spend hours of study.

Competitor Spy

Why don’t you copy what works? VideoSumo comes with a powerful feature that helps instantly analyze and then reverse engineer top ranking videos on Google & YouTube for specific keywords. It provides you with the big chance to win each time.

Rank Data Generator

This attribute will create downloadable titles, descriptions, and tags (rank meta details). So that you can easily use this information to get your videos on Google page . It is possible to use on existing videos, re-upload old videos, new videos, VideoSumo created Videos.

Who Should Use It?

As far as I know, VideoSumo is made especially for all who are working as Video Marketers, Affiliates, Social Media Marketers, eCom Marketers, SEO entrepreneurs, MMO and Newbies


Easy to follow plus Thorough Training
No required any technician skills and experience
ZERO video editing and post-production hassles.

Full support and quick response from the writer
7-day Free Trial


I have not found out any cons related effectiveness of VideoSumo yet.

Evaluation & Price

I strongly recommend you to give it a try because this app will help you effectively find & goal free traffic in any niche based on present video ranking data. It might sound complicated or tech, but it is not! All you need to do is follow 3 easy steps so I believe even complete newbies can start using it right away. In addition, I get the fantastic news that this tool offers a reduction time for 3 days so you can get the chance to buy it at a reasonable price now – $17. Furthermore, it also offers you 7-day free trial which means you can get the time to take into account if it’s a really right instrument for you.

Beside, VideoSumo has 1 Front-End and 4 OTOs:

-Front-End (VideoSumo — $17)

[+]Keyword Finder * Included in FE *

Enter seed keywords to examine competition in any market. VS keyword research displays correlated YouTube and Google results and shows term competition using a traffic light system… Forget hours of study

[+]Rank Data Generator * Included in FE *

Generate downloadable titles, tags and descriptions (meta details) to get your videos on page 1. Use on existing videos, new videos, VideoSumo created Videos

[+]Competitor Spy * Included in FE *

Copy what works! Instantly analyze & reverse engineer top rank videos on Google & YouTube for specific keywords…

[+]VS Create * Contained in FE *

Build videos from web pages… Simply drop into the page URL, Make selections with the re-sizeable harvest framework, crop page sections and turn into movie slides, use video clips, pictures… add upload and audio with extracted rank data.

*(FE includes 10 videos per month)

VIDEOSUMO (FE) Consists of all elements listed above

Enabling users to find & goal free traffic in any niche based on existing video ranking data, while also giving users the option to quickly create relevant videos to plug these traffic pockets.

-OTO 1 (VideoSumo Guru — $37)

Unlimited use… I.e. Unlimited videos and research per month.

Video Training: detailing how to use the software to earn money.

-OTO 2 (VideoSumo Source — $27)

Turn other people’s videos and channels into instant traffic and affiliate sales.

Legally swipe and re-purpose existing targeted visitors

Target any Niche you enjoy in minutes

Exploit Product Specific phrases for super-fast ranking and profit

-OTO 3 (VideoSumo Source Pro — $37)

Limitless variant of Videosumo Source containing additional software features, zero restrictions and income based coaching.

-OTO 4 (VideoSumo Agency/Reseller — $57-$77)

VideoSumo Agency / Reseller

Sell VideoSumo (2 Options).

1000x Reseller Pack — Price Starting at $77

30x Reseller Pack — Price Starting at $57

In conclusion, I hope that everything in my VideoSumo Review can help one to you make a right buying decision. I am excited about your success. Thank you for reading my review . See you in my next review!


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