VidToon Review

Introduction: VidToon

This will make your video marketing explode!

It’s a known fact that video is the #1 consumed content on-line.

So if you are not using it in your marketing, you definitely need to start.

But the question is, “what type of video is effective when it comes to video marketing exactly?”

Simple. Animated videos.

And this brand new tool can help you make them fast!

See, animated videos combine the audio & visual element together in a way that taps into our imagination.

And when that happens, you marketing message will be more effective.

But also, if I am being honest, creating animated videos can take forever.

You are dealing with character creation, character animation, key frames, and a whole host of other tech stuff that can stump even some of the most gifted technological people on the planet!

But that’s not the case with VidToon.

By using VidToon, you can pump out animated videos fast for any marketing idea or campaigns you have.

You simply drag & drop your elements where you want on the screen. There are no grids to lock you in place. You can have perfect pixel placement (try saying that 5X fast) of any object wherever you want.

Plus you will receive a number of media elements included with VidToon when you pick up your copy today.

There are 25 animated characters, 250 graphic elements, 35 HD backgrounds, transitions, text to speech options, 200 royalty free music tracks and much more!

But you will need to move quickly because VidToon is only available for a low one time investment for a limited time.

You are going to love this software. I guarantee it.

Vidtoon Overview

  • Seller: Cindy Donovan
  • Product: Vidtoon
  • Release Date: 2020-Apr-20
  • Release Time: 9:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Sales Page:
  • Niche: General

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About Maker

Vidtoon was created by Cindy Donovan who’s a devoted & experienced marketer in the field… and her partners Kim Torrefranca & Ezzaky Ab. Having struggled with all kinds of problems when she first started her career, Cindy now has gained a huge amount of knowledge and skills that not so many people in the industry can bypass.

Her products mostly stand on the list of best sellers, some of which are DFY Hero, Funnel Joy, SociJam, etc. Let’s switch to the next part of the Vidtoon Review to find out what actually is in the package.

What’s Vidtoon?

Fast Fresh Animated Video Software

Video is hot.. animated video? Hot and now, OH So Simple!

With VidToon you can make toon-style videos to grab your viewers attention with a lot of amazing features:

[+] Inbuilt library with 34 HD backgrounds, 25 HD characters each with 30 different animations

[+] Import your own backgrounds, images and more

[+] 200+ royalty free music tracks

Easy desktop installation – works on both Pc and mac

[+] Free or Realistic Google TTS, Text 2 Speech

[+] Works in any language or niche

[+] Record or import your own voice over in the app

[+] Transition and effects, flip or move objects from A to B

[+] SO MUCH MORE…!!!

This is something your subscribers will use over and over again – and with no hosting fees there are basically no limits to what they can create with this!

Email, Socials, eCom & Digital Sales Too Competitive?

Do not Beat ‘Em! Repeat Them & Make Your Traffic Profitable Again

Facebook + Insta Ads, eCom Stores, Sales Promo’s + More!

Automate collection of visitor & customer feedback and use it to make more sales. Instead of competing with the a large number of eCom stores & millions of online business out there, you can turn what they are saying into profits for repeat customers over and over again.

Building Lists

Build bigger lists easily. Works seamlessly with all major auto responder plus Zapier connections for lesser known platforms


Automatically engage your client’s audience with a special sale, coupon, featured product & verified customer sales proof


Connect to Shopify (or any other ecom platform) & display real product reviews and targeted proof, automatically!

Facebook Ads

Automatically turn each of your product reviews into perfectly formatted ads you can import to Facebook & Instagram

Sales Promo’s

Use irresistable scratch and reveal widget displaying coupons or popups when a customer claims your bonus offer etc…

Much More…

With 14 campaign types and endless display options, Funnel Base is the very best and only social proof tool you’ll ever need!

It’s Correct, Amazon Is Undoubtably A Leader In Customer Engagement, Loyalty & Of Course… SALES.


Amazon Is HUGE!

4,000 items sold for each minute
Average $4,777 per second $17 million every hour
$280.5 billion in 2019

Customer reviews and massive social proof build trust (and traffic)

They are browsing reviews, customer feedback and star ratings to guide their spending choices

Nearly 1/4 of all buyers do not even KNOW what they want to buy until they see it

They are browsing reviews, customer feedback and star ratings to guide their spending choices

Buyers Rely Heavily On Proof Before Making Their Purchase


Using Real Reviews and Customer Proof

#1: Add instant credibility
#2: Convey trust for more sales
#3: Makes people want it more
#4: More likely to share & go viral
#5: Grants authority in your niche
#6: More SEO traffic with more favorable language around your brand

NOT Using Real Reviews and Customer Proof

#1: People are not sure about you
#2: Lower conversions
#3: Doubt effects sales decision
#4: Less willing to share with friends
#5 Lack of confidence in purchase
#6 Fall victim to the “Alexa effect” having people leave rather than buy

Introducing the traffic and conversions machine:

For Traffic, Leads, Sales and Conversions

Funnel Base is the ultimate solution for everybody from complete newbie, to seasoned marketer in any niche, to any audience.

Just starting out? Activate our traffic building modules, build your lists & social media traffic.

Already got a small social or e-mail audience? Activate our social proof modules to snowball registrations into sales.

Already making sales? Activate review modules, with 71% of people happy to leave a review all you need to do is ask them.

100% Cloud Based, Simple to use and set up on any page, no technical skills required

Traffic Driving Software Turns a couple of clicks into hundreds so they in turn, create more traffic for you

Lead Generating Tool Captures & simplifies building lists so you can focus on more fun things (like making sales!)

Sales Closing Automation Send requests to people who sign up to leave reviews, adding valueable social proof

And SO MUCH MORE making this a unique and refreshing breakthrough in making more sales on-line.

New, fresh and NOW!

How Does It Work?

Increasing Sales Is Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Turning your pages into conversion machines

#Step 1: Activate

Build bigger lists easily. Works seamlessly with all major auto responder plus Zapier connections for lesser known platforms

#Step 2: Customise

Automatically engage your client’s audience with a special sale, coupon, featured product and verified customer sales proof

#Step 3: Automate

Connect to Shopify, JVZoo or any other service & display real product reviews and targeted proof, as they happen

Vidtoon Demo

Fast Fresh Animated Video Software

You Will See Results Happen Fast!

Booster Type #1: Proof

When you think of social proof widgets, this is the most common type you will see on many of the high traffic websites, like Amazon or even many popular JVZoo products.

You will see an animated pop-up, displaying the details of a verified customer or person who has registered.

What is a little less common, that you will now be able to do – is to display reviews, randomising between star ratings or written testimonials – or even video testimonials recorded directly in the person’s browser.

Booster Type #2: Leads

The money is and always will be in the list.

With Funnel Base you can place stunning optin forms in your widget, created to match your web site.

You can even add countdown timers for extra urgency, or if you would like to build a list of mobile phone numbers you can do that too, which is great for off-line clients and local businesses.

Booster Type #3: Retention

Funnel Base helps get people to your website and make them want to stay there using these highly engaging retention tools.

Set up a scratch & win campaign that works as an interactive sales booster,or prompt people to share your page with the social share selection.

Or if you want to get great results, use the emoji feedback or score feedback types.

Booster Type #4: Information

Want a fast pop-up, encouraging people to click & take action? Then this is for you!

You can use these to advertise a special down load, an affiliate promotion or display a video too.

Or, if you need a cookie notification or to add some more info to engage people at exactly the right time… then you will love our information options.

Funnel Base works with your favorite apps

You will get a transparent PNG file for each image (readymade, just drag & drop into your videos) PLUS the source PSD file if you want to edit, customise & truly make your own

Intro & Outro Animations

Select from left, right, up, down, zoom in, zoom out, and fade transitions with a click of a button.

Insert Text and Customise Your Fonts

Drop in text & customise the way you want it to look changing font type, sizes and colors to make your video absolutely perfect.

Drag and Resize Any Element

Just drag the corner (the red x will show you where) and you can get every element in your video the exact size you want.

Free Roam Canvas

Other tool makes you to be a pixel prisoner, not VidToon. You will have the freedom to drag & drop each item exactly where you want it to be.

Music + Image Import

VidToon’s library is huge, but sometimes you want to just use your own or tie it in with the look & feel of your web site. Now you can!


Got a character or image that faces right and want it to face left or vice versa? Check the flip option and make it look like characters are having a conversation!

Funnels of VidToon

All products have upsells and so does this one. But buying or not,the choice is ultimately yours.

Personal License: $19.97

  • 10 HD chars with Ten animation per char.
  • 34 HD backgrounds.
  • Ten Music Tracks
  • Free or Realistic Google TTS Text 2 Speech
  • Works in any language or niche
  • Record or import your own voice over.
  • Transitions and Effects
  • Flip objects
  • Zero video conversion costs and no monthly costs
  • Flip or move objects from A to B.
  • Can install on 1 computer

Commercial License: $27.00

  • 25 HD chars with 30 animations per char.
  • 34 HD backgrounds.
  • 200 Music Tracks.
  • Free or Realistic Google TTS Text Two Speech.
  • Works in any language or niche
  • Record or import your own voice over.
  • + 200 Sales Graphic element.
  • Transitions & Effects
  • Flip or move objects from A to B.
  • Zero video conversion costs and no monthly costs.
  • Can install on up to 10 computers

OTO1: VidToon Pro + Reseller

Customers receive:

  • +100 Animated Characters. (Male – Female)
  • +2,000 Music Tracks.
  • 15k+ Vector Graphics + icons
  • Your Each Client Will Have Access To Features Of VidToon.
  • 250 Account License With Our Sales Material For Best Conversions.
  • Create Accounts for your customers Using your Own Dashboard in 1 Click.
  • We’ll Handle Support Of Your All Clients.

OTO2: VidToon Job Finder Software ($47 one-time)

VidToon Job Finder tool enables users to find top paying customers to sell 2D videos, or any other service the customer is selling or use Fiverr to establish an arbitrage business where customers can get high paying client & outsource the work.

Get unlimited paying customers from Five different world wide Job web sites.
Use Job Finder to Reseller 2D videos and also promote any of your other services: Logo design, web…
Use the platform to do arbitrage using Fiverr or any other microjob website.

OTO3: VidToon Job Finder Reseller ($67)

  • Your Each Client Will Have Access To Features Of JobFinder.
  • 250 Account License With Our Sales Material For Best Conversions.
  • Create Accounts for your customers Using your Own Dashboard in 1 Click.
  • We will Handle Support Of Your All Clients.
  • One Time Investment On Untapped New Technology.

OTO4: VidToon Software Source Code ($497)

Unity source code for VidToon to customise and sell


“It’s A Great Deal. Should I Invest Today?”

Not only are you getting access to VidToon for the best price ever offered, but also You’re investing entirely without risk. VidToon include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose VidToon, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with it for any reason within the first 30 days, you’re entitled to a full refund – no question asked. You’ve got nothing to lose! What Are You Waiting for ? Try It today and get The Following Bonus Now !