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WP Suite Review – Got Multiple WP Sites? You NEED THIS Software

WP Suite Review – New WordPress SAAS Product That Allows Anybody Manage, Control And Grow All Your WP WebSites from One Single Dashboard….

Are not you tired of having to update your WP Sites, themes & plugins ONE by ONE each time?

Having to manage 100s of comments on your sites? Having to login to each site every single time you have To do tiny tasks & remember those password etc?

Having to make sure your site is protected, safe And doesn’t get taken down by attackers…

All that is a LOT OF WORK.

Not anymore…

=>> Introducing WP SUITE, the only app you need to Manage all your WP sites from a single dashboard

Now you can….

[+] 1-Click to update all your WP sites
[+] 1-Click to update all your plugins and themes
[+] Install multiple plugins & themes at once
[+] Install plugins across multiple sites instantly.
[+] Create users, manage comments and a lot more.

In just 60 seconds you can get a lot of things done That normally would take you more than 30 minutes For multiple sites.


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What Is WP Suite?

If you have multiple WP sites, managing them becomes a PAIN for site owners like you.

You need to update the WP software regularly, update all the plugins and themes each time there is an update, install multiple plugins & themes across all your websites and manage their content/posts.

Having to login every time to each of your websites can be quite lots of work.

That is where WP SUITE comes in. Now you can manage all your website from ONE SINGLE DASHBOARD.

Install and manage plugins, insert/remove content, upload images and manage comments all in just a few clicks. You can even login to all your websites in 1-Click without ever having to enter a password.

That is how easy WP SUITE makes it for you to manage multiple WP sites.

How Does It Work?

100% Newbie Friendly – Super Simple! Using WP SUITE is as EASY as 1-2-3…

Step 1: Add Your Site into WP Suite on-line dashboard…
Step 2: Down-load The WP SUITE plugin and install on your site that you want to manage…
Step 3: Start Managing Your Site from Within WP SUITE Dashboard, Update Plugins, Themes and do almost anything you want…

WP Suite Demo

Front End – WP Suite FEATURES

– Dashboard to Show Summary of your WordPress Sites
– Add & Manage up to 50 Sites.
– Install Plugins to Any Site
– Install Themes to Any Site
– Install Multiple Plugins at once
– Assign tags/groups to sites and categorize/group them.
– Change WP settings of all your sites
– 1 Click Update WP plugins.
– 1 Click Update WP themes.
– Update WP Software for all sites
– Create & Manage WP posts
– Create & Manage WP pages
– Create & Manage WP categories
– Create & Manage WP tags
– Create & Manage WP comments
– Create & Manage WP users.
– Create & Manage & upload WP media and images.

OTO1 WP Suite PRO Version Features

– All the Features of the FE Version PLUS…
– Add And Manage Unlimited Sites
– Do bulk actions for all/filtered websites,
which includes update wp/plugin/theme, install/activate/delete plugin, install/activate/delete theme, approve/mark as spam/delete comments.
– Create And Manage packages. Basically collection of plugins which can be installed in 1 go.
– Access WP admin directly inside the app.
– 1-Click Login to Any WP site without password
– Scan malware for all your websites in 1-Click.
– Scan site vulnerabilities for all websites in 1-Click.
– Scan And Check performance/speed for all websites.
– System information module

Bonus: SEO pinger tool
Bonus : Domain finder: check domains available/not
Bonus : Link finder: find backlinks based on url.

WP SUITE Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: Do I need WP to use WP SUITE?

Answer: NO! WPSUITE is web-based. You create an account & you can get started immediately online.

Q2: Is there a guarantee?

Answer: YES! You’re covered by our 30 days money back guarantee. If you face any issue or decide you want a refund, we shall deactivate your account & refund you. Most problems are technical which shall be fixed once queried.

Q3: Is WP SUITE Social Media friendly?

Answer: YES. WP SUITE is Social-Media-Ready & you can use and apply outputs anyplace on the web.

Q4: Is it compatible with PC and Mac?

Answer: NO! WP SUITE is web-based. You create an account & you can get started immediately on-line.

Q5: Are there any monthly fees?

Answer: NO! During the WP SUITE release period, you ONLY pay once & never again for unlimited use.

Q6: Do you have training or support?

Answer: YES. We made detailed walkthrough videos that show you every step of how to get setup &  you can access them in the members area. If you do get stuck, we also have a support desk to help out.



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